Homeopathy for immunity, hormones + skin

What’s Your Body Telling you?

Problems with immunity, hormones and skin don’t come out of nowhere. They’re what happen on the outside when your body’s not happy on the inside.

Are you tired of being ill all the time?

Does it feel like you’re always on medication for something?

Antibiotics, anti-histamines, painkillers and Canesten used to be my top four. What about you?

Recurring symptoms and repeated courses of medication don’t address the real cause of illness, and they can really bring your energy down.

“I was lucky to find homeopathy because it changed everything for me. I stopped being ill all the time, my thrush went away, my periods were no longer a problem and my skin cleared up too.”

Are you at a transition point in your life?

Changes at work or in your relationships, miscarriage, motherhood and peri-menopause are all times in your life where your health can take a dive.

  • Stress disturbs normal body function and impacts your immunity.
  • Unbalanced hormones cause all kinds of symptoms.
  • Everything shows up in your skin.

“I feel so much better, I sleep better, I’m much better all around and so I’m more energetic and productive.”

Why Homeopathy and Homeo-botanical Therapy?

Homeopathy and homeo-botanicals are traditional treatments that work with nature, instead of against it.

A course of homeopathy is not just a treatment. It’s more important than that.

“I’ve never left an appointment with Tracy without feeling better in some way.”

Is this what you’ve been looking for?

Come and see me at my clinic in east London, or set up a call, wherever you are in the world, over Skype.

Tell me what’s going on for you, and I’ll let you know what I can do to help. I believe knowledge is power, and understanding the underlying causes of illness is the key to getting well again.

Anxiety and stress, poor digestion and toxicity can all play a part, as does your genetic make-up.
Homeopathy and herbs are effective, traditional treatments that help you calm, nourish and detoxify, so you can heal from the inside out.
Contact Tracy Homeopathy UK

I know how important it is for you to be sure you want to work with me, so I offer you a free 30 minute call so you can  find out.

Ask me any questions you like and I’ll be honest and open about what you could expect from working with me.

I look forward to hearing from you!