Self-care | 6 steps to get your sparkle back

Fatigue, homeopathy

  • Tired and run down?
  • Finding it hard to get a good night’s
  • sleep?
  • Still feel tired even when you do?
  • Relying on coffee for energy?
  • Craving sugar in the afternoon?
  • Hormones all over the place?
  • Skin not happy?
  • Sex drive taken a nose dive?
  • Digestion not working well?
  • Drinking more than you should?
  • Gained weight around your middle?

Want to know what to do about it?

At my homeopathy clinic I see a lot of people who feel this way. They can’t remember the last time they felt like themselves and they really want to get their sparkle back.

When I explain ‘long term stress’ is the real cause of their symptoms, they know exactly what I’m talking about. Our adrenal glands respond to stressful situations by pushing hormones into our system to help us cope. Our busy lifestyles cause this to happen often, so we end up exhausted and our whole system gets out of balance.

Busy + busy = stressed

On a day-to-day basis, most of us have a busy life and we just get on with it.

Sometimes it’s easy to juggle all the things you have to do. Other times it feels like you’re hanging on by the skin of your teeth.

Deadlines, responsibilities, caring for others, managing an overflowing calendar. All of these demand your full attention. Even when things are going well you can find yourself lurching between feeling happy and ‘on top of things’ and overwhelmed and irritable.

You want to feel back in control but there’s so much information out there it’s hard to know what to do first and what will actually make you feel better. That’s where I want to help.

6 steps to get your sparkle back

Our world moves at a fast pace. Instead of constantly striving to keep up, learn to pace yourself. Instead of being wired, tired and overeating for a quick energy fix,  you need to slow down.

By taking these steps, you can restore balance to your stressed out adrenals and your life.

1. Nutrition + routine = hormonal balance

Your body needs to know that it is not in danger of starving.

The best way to get this message across is to eat healthy food regularly, and in a natural rhythm throughout the day.

  • Have a nutritious breakfast that includes protein within an hour of rising.
  • Have a healthy snack around 9am.
  • Eat lunch early, ideally before noon to prevent a dip in cortisol.
  • Have a healthy snack around 2pm.
  • Eat dinner as early as possible (5 or 6pm is ideal).
  • Make dinner a lighter meal.
  • Eat a nutritious light snack one hour before bed.
  • Eat mainly lean protein and vegetables.
  • Reduce carbohydrates and consider going gluten-free for a while.
  • Nut butter and vegetables, avocado, nuts or cheese are good choices of snack.
  • Use garlic and ginger regularly.
  • Eat mineral rich salt such as Himalaya salt.
  • Drink calming herbal teas.
  • Avoid refined sugar.

If you want to make some deep changes quickly, I recommend a 10 day transformational cleanse to super boost your nutrition, reset your metabolism and create some clear head-space.

2. Sleep + unplug = energy

Many of my clients struggle to wake up in the morning, can’t stay awake in the afternoon and then have trouble sleeping at night. This is because their circadian rhythms are upside down. Your body cannot properly rest and regulate your hormonal cycles when you’re not getting enough sleep.

  • Eat larger meals earlier in the day.
  • Turn off all technology by 8pm.
  • Get into a good evening routine.
  • Be in bed and asleep by 10pm.
  • Aim for 8 hours of sleep.
3. Exercise + fun = happy

Exercise can help us reduce stress but only if it does not make us feel tired. Find more ways of having fun. Enjoying your exercise is a great place to start.

  • Walk in fresh air when you can.
  • Light exercise helps heal adrenal fatigue.
  • Limit heavy exercise to morning or early afternoon.
  • Yoga or walking are better for late afternoon and evening.
  • Having fun and enjoying your time is very important.
  • Read, watch and listen to things that make you laugh.
4. Stretching + deep breathing = relaxation

Deep breathing and stretching will calm your entire body. This might not seem like a big deal but it can make a huge difference to your stress levels very quickly.

  • Take a few deep breaths when you start to feel stressed.
  • A short daily yoga routine is invaluable.
  • Meditation helps us be in the present moment.
  • Pilates is strengthening yet mindful.
  • Massage is deeply restorative for body and mind.
5. Letting go + saying no = time for you

It isn’t easy to let things go. Remember that being busy and stressed will appear as extra weight or other things that affect your health and well-being.

  • Try to step away from the pressure to meet the multiple demands in your life.
  • Practice saying no before you are too busy, not only when you can’t fit something in.
  • Ask for help when you need it.
  • Book regular down-time for yourself in your calendar.
  • Find ways to simplify your life.
6. All of the above + homeopathy = get your sparkle back!

Everyone’s lives are busy and stressful, and that is unlikely to change anytime soon. Taking steps to support yourself both physically and emotionally is essential, not just during extra busy times, but as an ongoing practice.

Seeking expert advice is invaluable, not only when you are sick, but to help you understand yourself better and make lifestyle changes. It’s that extra step that makes all the difference.

As a homeopath I see everyone as an individual. There is no ‘one size fits all’.

Homeopathy treatment with me means regular time to talk about yourself, which is valuable in itself. You get a chance to consider what is actually going on for you. I’m friendly and easy to talk to. (Everything you say is completely confidential and there’s nothing I’m uncomfortable talking about.)

We talk about whatever is going on for you symptom-wise, and look at it in the context of your medical history and life events. I help you to make sense of what is happening so you feel more in control.

Your treatment plan includes prescribed remedies and ways to improve nutrition. We talk about simple lifestyle changes that will make a big difference.

What to expect from working with me

There are two changes I always expect to see very quickly.

  1. Quality of sleep improves and there is an upswing in energy and mood.
  2. I often hear that there are more ‘lines drawn in the sand’ as people find themselves wanting to set stronger boundaries and finding more balance in their lives.

Restoring balance to your life and your adrenals allows physical symptoms start to improve alongside. Blood pressure comes down, periods become more regular and are no longer painful, skin becomes clearer, the immune system becomes more resilient, digestion and metabolism normalise.

When you start homeopathy treatment your whole body and mind will thank you for it.

You start to feel more like yourself than you have for a very long time, only better! Everyone around you will notice too!

“As I speed towards naturally curing my Chronic Fatigue instead of ‘living’ with it which means making sacrifices to accommodate it (NO THANKS!), I’m grateful that: my body is amazing and knows how to fix itself, and I feel better than I have in 20+ years.”

Ready to do the work to get your sparkle back?

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I can help you:

Stop catching everything that's going
Have trouble-free periods
Get ready for pregnancy
Sail through your menopause
Get a good night's sleep
Have nice clear skin


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