Summer cleanse | nourishment not punishment

Cleanse, homeopathyI’m 3 days into my 3rd cleanse, and it’s my first summer cleanse. Yay!

One of the nice things about cleansing during summer is that my body doesn’t have the challenge of keeping itself warm at the same time as detoxing and re-metabolising.

Another lovely thing is that watermelon is actually in season! Here in the UK we have access to watermelon all the year around, but I always prefer to eat foods in season as much as possible. Growing my own produce on my allotment really tuned me into that.

Nourishment not punishment

Talking about eating, it’s definitely one of my favourite things about my 10 day cleanse! I know that might sound silly, but it is important to understand that it is deeply nourishing as well as detoxing. This is partly because of the foods, but also because of the purity of the products*.

Recently I was chatting with a friend about this. She’d recently completed her first cleanse and was amazed that she didn’t feel hungry. She also felt totally amazing. Everyone does.

It’s really rewarding. I finished it a couple of weeks ago and am still so impressed by the results.

I hear this a lot. Most people expect to feel deprived and hungry while they are on a cleanse. Everyone is so surprised by how energised they feel. This is because the cleanse consists entirely of green superfoods, amino acids, minerals and anti-oxidants. Our cells are literally flooded with excellent nutrition while our toxins are being flushed out.

All the products* in the 10 day cleanse are:

Certified organic (wherever possible)
Pure (no fillers or binders)

This means that even though they are a ‘product’ they are a completely natural ‘food state’ product which means that our body recognises it as pure food.

When I received my first cleanse I felt slightly overwhelmed by everything that was inside the pack and it took a little while to get my head around the different components. I took a close look at everything and it all made complete sense to me. I’ve long used superfoods such as blue-green algae and seaweed, and the supergreens and chlorella are simply part of the same family.

Contents of a cleanse pack:

A huge tub of supergreens – cleansing, nourishing, energising
Cracked cell chlorella – superfood that cleanses heavy metals
Black walnut – herbs to deep cleanse our colon and bowel
MAP amino acid complex – vegetarian protein to help build muscle and support weight loss
Ionic elements – liquid minerals to support our vital organs and systems
Apothecherry – tart cherry juice with antioxidants and melatonin to help sleep

Why we eat during a cleanse

I’m sometimes asked why foods are included in the cleanse if the products themselves are so nourishing. The answer is that the foods have a vital part to play. Most people really look forward to the times when they can eat, so it plays a part in motivation throughout the 10 days. It definitely helps me!

During a cleanse, certain organic fruit and vegetables are especially recommended for the nutrition they provide. They also help to ‘retrain’ our hunger; helping us become more likely to reach for healthy foods when we are hungry and this is something that I have noticed building in myself with each subsequent cleanse.

After my second cleanse I wanted to start each day with a supergreens smoothie, while my intake of fresh whole foods increased right from the start and my desire for convenience foods has dramatically declined. My clients and friends have commented on this too. After they finish a cleanse they find they just want to eat proper food.

Foods recommended during a cleanse are:

Greens (spinach, kale, broccoli)
Summer squash

Want to join me?

So wish me luck on my third cleanse! I hope to have some more insights to share with you when it is complete.

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* The 10 day cleanse is made by Platinum Health Europe


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