True stories | The last time I took antibiotics and why


Cyclists should always carry Arnica!

I was at the Walk In Clinic in Whitechapel at 9am this morning. I saw a lovely nurse who assessed and dressed a wound for me. As he cleaned it, there was some bleeding. ‘Bleeding is good!’ he said.

It all started six weeks ago when I rode my bike into a bench. I know it sounds really silly, but this is what happened. I was cycling with a friend. It was dark and pouring with rain. The bench was sideways on, a black metal silhouette, and I simply didn’t see it.

I was so glad my friend had arnica in my bag!

My left leg took most of the impact and I was completely stunned from the pain. Luckily, my friend had some Arnica in her bag. As it dissolved in my mouth, I felt the shock begin to melt away. Soon, I was able to cycle home.

Not broken but still damaged

The damage consisted mainly of bruising on my thigh, knee and shin. The bruises were pretty severe, swollen and very tender to touch. The skin on my shin was broken, and there was a deep cut – I could just see the bone.

Relieved that I hadn’t broken anything, I cleaned the area really thoroughly, applied Calendula cream and a large dressing. I took Arnica in a higher potency and smeared the cream all over my bruises. I decided that I would look at the cut again in the morning before deciding whether to go to A and E.

A couple of days later, the wound had a nice scab on it, and the bruises were less swollen. My treatment seemed to be working, so I continued with the Arnica (cream and pills) for another week.

Signs of infection

Just before Christmas my scab started to come away, and a couple of days later, I could see some discharge. At this point I took myself to the Walk In clinic at Whitechapel where a nurse cleaned it thoroughly and applied a silver bandage to draw out the fluid. Armed with a spare silver bandage, I went home to have Christmas with my family.

It was almost a week later before I took myself back to the Walk In. By this time, the wound had a nastier discharge than before, and now I was worried. Sure enough, the nurse expressed concern that the bone might become infected and gave me antibiotics.

Why I took antibiotics

As a child and into my teenage years, I had been prescribed regular courses of antibiotics for throat and sinus infections that probably would have cleared up by themselves. Since homeopathy has been part of my life I have only taken antibiotics four times. This was one of them. On each of these four occasions, I have been profoundly grateful for them. I really didn’t want a bone infection in my leg.

Since then, I have been back to the clinic every other day to have the wound dressed. I am on first name terms with the nurse I saw this morning. Having finished the antibiotics a couple of days ago, I was keen to see some progress, and was pleased to be told that it was healing nicely as there was blood showing; ‘Bleeding is good.’

Antibiotic detox

I am now taking a course of homeopathic remedies to ‘detox’ my digestive system after the antibiotics. I have also started to take Calendula as it is a tremendous healer; used extensively to heal soldiers wounded during the first world war. Hopefully it will help to complete the healing on my leg. Why didn’t I rely on Calendula instead of taking antibiotics? Because I was worried about a bone infection. I really didn’t want one of those. I don’t take antibiotics routinely, but as I say to my clients; ‘Never say never.’

P.S. (20th October, 2015)

I was looking at my left leg this morning and realised that the scar is barely visible. I have taken Thiosaminum regularly over the last few years – a remedy that helps to prevent and break down scar tissue. I am also thinking about what I’d do differently if this happened again. I’d definitely take more care of the wound once it scabbed over, and also take anti-infection remedies ‘just in case’.


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