10 things that made my year


This year one of my goals is to keep a simple journal.

Just a few notes each day on what I did the day before, what I’m planning for today, and what I’m feeling grateful for.

I love the gratitude part. I realise I have so many things to be thankful for, and I wished I’d started this last year.

Here’s a retrospective list of 10 things that made my year for me.

  1. Buckwheat pancakes on Sunday mornings. Our pancakes are actually half regular flour and half buckwheat. It makes the pancakes thicker and more substantial. So good with fresh fruit and a little maple syrup.
  2. My glasses. This year I learned to love my glasses. I love my contact lenses too, but this year, I started to enjoy wearing my glasses. They make me feel more intellectual or something.
  3. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. I love tidying up and de-cluttering and this book was totally inspirational.
  4. Dallas Buyers Club was the best film I saw all year. Raw and challenging in so many ways, but also uplifting and inspiring.
  5. I entered the 2014 Mobile Photography Awards and in February I found out that my photograph of an Icelandic waterfall (above) received an honourable mention (basically, runner up). This inspired me to take an online iPhone photography course, and that pushed me to raise my game with my photography.
  6. Meeting Jarvis Cocker. A mum at my son’s school is the mastermind behind Classic Album Sundays. Last year I went to several of her events with my daughter. At each one we listened to a different classic album on vinyl. That was how I got to meet him. First time I have met an actual icon. He was lovely.
  7. The Eternal Maker is my favourite fabric shop in the UK, hands down. This August we were having a seaside holiday nearby so I took my son there to select some fabric to sew a quilt for him. They made him so welcome. I think he enjoyed it almost as much as me!
  8. Learning to knit socks. My friend Aneeta runs knitting classes and a free knitting SOS drop in session every month. I went along to a few sessions and quite a few drop ins and now I’ve knitted my first pair of socks!
  9. Blackwing pencils. After I discovered these, there’s been no going back. Mainly, the rubber actually works and you can replace it if you use it all up. Also, they are a joy to write with.
  10. Austin Kleon‘s weekly roundup. I discovered him through his book ‘Steal Like an Artist’ and when I started receiving his weekly emails, I was inspired. I don’t click on all his links, but whenever I do, I am not disappointed. He finds the coolest stuff. (And he’s the inspiration for this blog post too.)

Writing down all the things you enjoy is a wonderful thing to do. If you don’t already journal, why not try it?