10 Ways to Enjoy Everyday Life

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Everyday life is often busy. Work and screens can take up all your time.

Daily habits can offer an effective buffer.

A few simple routines help to create quality time and moments of contentment that make a big difference in how you feel.

  1. Start the day by making the bed. This sounds like a very small thing, but your bedroom should be a sanctuary. By making the bed, you will make it more inviting to come home to at the end of the day.
  2. Do something before checking your phone. This helps you create a calm, clear space for the start of your day, instead of filling it with other people’s thoughts, ideas and requests for your time. This could be having coffee or doing some exercise. I like to write in my morning journal. Related post: This book changes lives
  3. Make time to have fresh air. Ideally, this would be in some green space. Maybe you can walk through a park or sit outside to have your lunch. There’s evidence that shows how being outdoors has a big impact on well-being.
  4. Do one thing at a time. With modern devices, multi-tasking has become a part of daily life. However, our brains really can only manage one thing at a time. When you focus on one thing you can be more effective, whatever you are doing. Related post: One thing at a time
  5. Daydream. Working and being productive is good, but so is doing nothing. We all need time to relax. Give yourself permission to allow your mind to wander. If you think of something you need to do, don’t immediately reach for your phone. Make a note on paper, or simply trust that if it’s important, it will come back to you later.
  6. Make time for flow. When you are completely involved in doing something you enjoy, you are naturally in a state of flow. This could be cooking, reading or another hobby.
  7. Let go of perfection. Not everything has to be a performance. Allow yourself to be a beginner, and enjoy the process.
  8. Spend time with friends and loved ones. Long work schedules and screen time can be a barrier to real-life connections. As humans, we are social and designed to live in close-knit communities.
  9. Wind down in the evening. Our bodies are sensitive to light, especially from screens, so it’s important to have something to do for a couple of hours to help us prepare for sleep. Create a routine for yourself, whether it’s reading, drinking tea, having a bath, or listening to music. Writing before bed can help to process the day, especially if you take the time to write down what went well. Related post: A Bed-time Ritual
  10. Sleep is the foundation of good health and well-being. Sleep helps you respond to stress, strengthens your immune system and keeps your hormones in balance. Aim for seven and a half hours (we all sleep in 90-minute cycles). Related post: The Gift of Circadian Rhythms

Ten things can seem like a long list, but most of these are common sense.

It just helps if you keep them in mind and build them as habits.

One of the ways that homeopathy treatment works is that is acts as a gentle nudge for our vitality, and is something that helps us get back on track.

If you feel there’s a part of your life that’s out of balance, let’s talk.

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