3 reasons to cleanse

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You know how sometimes you see something and it totally resonates?


That happened to me recently. I was reading a blog post about clean eating that seemed to be speaking directly to me:

“Do you need coffee to wake up in the morning, sugar to keep going in the afternoon, and a glass of wine to relax in the evening?”

As soon as I read that I thought, “Yes! I do.”

(I already knew it, but didn’t want to admit it.) Somehow, this made me understand that I wanted things to be different.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” –  Albert Einstein

My 3 reasons to cleanse

I had a group of friends who had completed a 10 day cleanse in the autumn and had amazing results. Naturally I was curious, so I’d ear-marked it as something I wanted to do at some point.

My 10 Day Cleanse pack had already arrived but I didn’t feel ready.

Suddenly I had three clear reasons to do it.

  1. Feel focussed in the morning without needing coffee.
  2. Have energy through the afternoon without needing something sweet.
  3. Relax during the evening without needing a glass of wine.

Have you ever thought about doing something similar? What would your reasons be?


I’ve completed 4/10 days of my cleanse and this is what I’ve noticed so far.

  1. I don’t feel hungry.
  2. I’m incredibly focussed.
  3. I’ve been waking before my alarm.

If this is how I feel now, I am excited to see how I will feel in another 6 days! Watch this space, I’ll be back with a full report next week!


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