A beautiful goodbye

Homeopathy, London, Skype, grief, loss, depression, anxietyThis week I spent a day out in Oxfordshire at the funeral of a dear friend’s mother.

I was glad to have the chance to attend.

It was a beautiful service in a small village church.

The coffin was a woven basket, with a garland of white roses and greenery around it.

We sang simple hymns that reminded me of my childhood and recited the Lord’s Prayer.

There was a reading from Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas, a book I’ve not yet read. It reminded me how much I used to love reading classics. I’m going to look for a copy in my local Buddhist charity bookshop.

Counting my blessings

The funeral reminded me that the last four funerals I’ve attended were for my mother, my aunt, my grandmother and my nan. All four were significant women in my life and influenced me in many ways. I wrote about my mother and my grandmothers on Mother’s Day this year. I still miss them.

Funerals are always sad, but I was glad to have the chance to spend time with my friend and her family and friends. It also gave me time to reflect on what’s important to me.

Funerals always make me count my blessings.

Homeopathy for sadness and loss

Bereavement and loss can be a trigger for different types of illness, even when it is seemingly unrelated.

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Low mood

These are not the only ways that we can be affected by grief.

Shock and unexpressed sadness affect our body as well as our mind; it can show up in your skin,  immunity or hormonal health.

I know that my worst period of eczema came after a time when I lost something dear to me.

The year after my mum passed away I had a series of colds and the flu.

Feel like yourself again with homeopathy

1. A safe space to process your feelings and release them.
2. Homeobotanicals calm and nourish your nervous system.
3. Remedies act gently and deeply to help you heal, mentally, emotionally and physically.

“Tracy is a kind and warm person and I really enjoyed our sessions where she showed empathy and understanding to anything I came up with and I found it very helpful. Her holistic approach did not only tackle my immediate symptoms but also worked at increasing my general well-being, something I can feel even months after the treatment.”

I offer homeopathy by Skype or phone as well as in clinic. Sometimes it’s easier to talk from the comfort of your own space.


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