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These days, stress has become the new normal.

We all know what that feels like.

When was the last time you felt normal?

What is normal, anyway?

I feel normal when I am relaxed, calm, and I can go with the flow.

long-term Stress makes us Ill

Chronic or recurring illness is often stress-related in some way and being ill stops us from feeling normal.

In simple terms, long-term low-level stress affects normal body function. When our systems are constantly in ‘fight or flight’ mode, our normal body functions are slowed down or put on hold.

Sleep, hormones, digestion and immunity are just four of the places where stress-related illness regularly shows up.

A long list of things to sort out

My clients usually come with one main issue they need to resolve.

Most people also have what I call a ‘shopping list’ of other things they’d like to sort out. The longer they’ve been stressed, the longer the list.

There is also the list of drugs they would rather not be taking. These might be the everyday drugs that we don’t even think of as drugs – alcohol, coffee and sugar. Then there are the ‘real’ drugs. Over-the-counter, prescription or ‘party’.

stress + Insomnia case-study

This week I received an email from a woman I worked with intensively earlier this year. She was initially referred to me by another practitioner at my clinic.

In this case the main problem was insomnia.

This is her ‘shopping list’

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • disorderly eating
  • heavy painful periods

This was her ‘drugs list’

  • cannabis (to help her sleep)
  • prescription painkillers (for her periods)
  • (She also  wanted to avoid taking anti-depressants.)

Road to Recovery

We had ten sessions together between February and July this year.

These words are from the email I received from her this week:

“The major change though is how I’m feeling and dealing with everything. It is like chalk and cheese to how I’ve felt for the last few years, and something I definitely see your hand in. For the first time in so long I feel like a normal, functioning human being again. Not out of control or giddy, tiny (normal amounts!) of fear and anxiety, no self-sabotage etc. The list of the issues I’m not experiencing is endless really.

I know it is early days, and I have no desire to run before I can walk, but I am actually moving myself forwards, and feeling like this is an ok thing to do too.”

When people commit to fortnightly sessions with me, as this woman did, I knew she would do brilliantly, and she really has.

She was able to stop using cannabis within the first few sessions. Her periods improved month on month and she was able to use homeopathy to manage the pain until they improved to the point where they were no longer a problem for her.

Back to normal

We’ve arranged to have some more sessions for ’rounding off’. It is good to have a block of sessions and then a space before rounding off.  Breathing space and time to reflect is a valuable part of the healing process.

Looking back on this case I feel that most of the work we did together was balancing and normalising. Remedies to relax the nervous system together with tips for good sleep habits resolved insomnia. Regular sleep reduced anxiety. Remedies and herbs provided symptomatic relief of period pain and restored hormonal balance.

“I cannot thank you enough for your role in this. I know I wouldn’t be this close to recovering (another thing I can hand-on-heart say I’m finally doing now) without your kindness, support and magic remedies.”


I can help you:

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Get ready for pregnancy
Sail through your menopause
Get a good night's sleep
Have nice clear skin


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