Care for your Hormones

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It’s rare that I meet a woman who tells me her hormones are not a problem.

The female hormonal system is like a complex and finely tuned engine. If it’s over-worked or neglected, it will keep going but it won’t work smoothly.

Some women are happy to have their monthly cycle controlled or replicated by medication, but not everyone wants to take a pill every day.

That’s why I’m always happy when someone asks me to help with their hormonal issues.

In my opinion, taking care of your hormones should be way up on every woman’s self-care list, not right at the bottom.

When laundry is the last straw

One homeopathic remedy that has helped me regularly over the years is Sepia.

Originally derived from the ink of a cuttlefish, it has an amazing energy that helps me whenever I take it, and I prescribe it for women in my homeopathy clinic every week.

James Tyler Kent (1849 – 1915) was an eminent American homeopath physician and the founder of the Modern Homeopathy Movement.  Kent described Sepia as:

‘The washerwomen’s remedy.’

He lived during an age when all washing needed to be done by hand, or not at all. Washerwomen lived hard lives, working long hours and standing on their feet for most of the day.

Nowadays most of us have washing machines, central heating, and even tumble driers. Washing is still a chore, but not as much as it was in the days before electricity.

We still work hard and have too much to do, we just do different things.

The funny thing is this. Laundry is an everyday task that normally doesn’t bother me but when it DOES bother me when I start to feel like a washerwoman, that’s when I KNOW I need to take Sepia!

Do you know that feeling?

  • Too much to do, not enough time to do it in?
  • You have loads of lists but you still forget all the important stuff.
  • You feel guilty for getting snappy with people.
  • All your motivation is gone, even for things you usually enjoy.

I feel like that sometimes and that’s when I take Sepia.

Sepia is just one example of the hormonal remedies that I prescribe regularly. Everyone is different.

Hormones and stress can feel like a vicious circle.

The more stress you’re feeling; the more your periods are affected.

The worse your periods are; the more desperate you feel.

Do your hormones need a bit of help?

1. PMS. Spots. Resentment, irritability, sarcasm. Relationship issues.
2. Period pain. Severe pain. Migraine. Days in bed and maybe off work.
3. Heavy periods. Flooding, clotting and anaemia.
4. Suppressed periods. Irregular cycles, short or light periods. Pill detox.
5. Fertility issues. Trouble getting pregnant or staying pregnant.
6. Early menopause. Low energy, low mood, loss of sex-drive.
7. Menopause. Hot flashes, sweats, mood swings.
8. Fatigue. Tired, low mood, poor immunity.

Homeopathy for hormonal health

There are a number of effective homeopathic remedies for periods and menopause. They can also detox the pill and HRT, but it offers a lot more than that.

Two other key areas that generally need support are immunity and adrenal fatigue.

When women first come for homeopathy they feel they’re on a downward spiral.  They’re overwhelmed, tired, irritable and maybe even tearful.

This could just be for a few days a month, but it could be for more like a week. That adds up to three months a  year.

Once they start a course of treatment, women tell me their periods become more regular, pain-free, more manageable.

They also say they feel more able to find a way to ask for what they need or make some time for themselves. They also feel positive and more energised.

I’m feeling pretty good about  my health at the moment – stabilised periods, more energy and more resilience in busy and stressful work situations. I really enjoyed our sessions and benefited hugely.

Could Homeopathy Help you Too?

If you are reading this and thinking ‘Wow, this sounds like me!’ maybe you’d like to set up a free 30-minute call to find out more.

I’m always happy to chat about hormones!