Testimonials from Happy Clients


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“I thank you so much for your honesty and kindness. You were a pivotal point on my journey and I am so glad that I came to see you.”

“If you’re considering Homeopathy with Tracy I would whole heartedly say go for it *now*. Let your doubts be there and experience the results for yourself. Firstly Homeopathy because it works and secondly Tracy because she’s delightful to work with and clearly very knowledgeable and experienced in her industry.”

“I went to see Tracy for problems with persistent blocked nose and ears. I told her on my first session that I suspected it was somatic and we’ve explored that idea together. The remedies she’s given me helped me build up self-confidence, deal better with conflict and find a good balance between myself and others. I am very grateful for the work she’s done with me.”

“Finding Tracy and homeopathy is one of the best things I have ever done. I recommend Tracy to all my family, friends and work colleagues! The support and help Tracy has given me over the years has been second to none! Better than any doctor! Thanks Tracy”

“Whatever ails you, I think a visit to Tracy will always be a help. Her very presence is healing! I’ve never left an appointment with Tracy without feeling better in some way.”

“Thanks for yesterday. I always find you easy to talk to and very thoughtful in your responses and the treatments you offer.”

“Tracy is a kind and warm person and I really enjoyed our sessions where she showed empathy and understanding to anything I came up with and I found it very helpful. Her holistic approach did not only tackle my immediate symptoms but also worked at increasing my general well-being, something I can feel even months after the treatment.”

“I was completely neutral towards homeopathy before I met Tracy. I just thought I ‘give it a go’. The nice thing with Tracy is that she simply ‘just’ fixes things her way and it is not really important if you are a fan of homeopathy or not. I owe a lot to her!”


“Initially I was looking for natural treatments to help me manage menstrual problems, but since then I have had remedies for problems from minor infection to bereavement. I would (and regularly do!) recommend Tracy as a practitioner, as much for her gentle and supportive communication style as for the effectiveness of her remedies.”

“My periods have become much more regular, predictable and lighter.”


“I had already had the benefit of successful homeopathy treatment with Tracy before I had cause to revisit her with secondary infertility issues. Other than lots of medication and IVF, the doctors could not offer any solutions and I believed that homeopathy would succeed where conventional medicine had failed, as it had done for me before. We had a number of issues to work on and ticked them off one by one! It is not an issue one tends to discuss with others and Tracy made me feel so at ease. I feel that Tracy helped to get my body back in balance and where it needed to be to successfully conceive again.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for your support in bringing my daughter into this world.  You were so helpful and compassionate during my years of trying, and also in pregnancy when I was anxious about that polyp (it did not interfere with our birth whatsoever — I haven’t had an exam to see whether it’s gone now, actually, but will keep you posted).  I’m always so inspired when I see your Instagram posts and read your newsletters, particularly because you have a similar age gap between your children and were a similar age when you had your second, and there seems to be such peace and wisdom in this.  You are an inspiration and heroine for me!”

Chronic Fatigue

“As I speed towards naturally curing my Chronic Fatigue instead of ‘living’ with it which means making sacrifices to accommodate it (NO THANKS!), I’m grateful that: my body is amazing and knows how to fix itself, and I feel better than I have in 20+ years.”

“I’m very much amazed by my experience today, I feel so much better, I sleep better, I’m much better all around and therefore I’m more more energetic and productive.”


“I started seeing Tracy about my skin problems almost one year ago. I’ve never had blemish-free skin, but it became worse when I came off the contraceptive pill the year before, and I was getting spots pretty much constantly. I wanted a balanced, natural, holistic solution. Tracy came highly recommended by my sister’s friend who had been successfully treated for her own skin problems. Tracy asked lots of questions about my health and wellbeing, as well as about my personality and character traits, to build up an overall picture of both my mind and body. I also provided her with my family medical history. Throughout the course of my treatment, I was given different homeopathic remedies which I took and then reported back about. I took a lot more notice of my body and how I was feeling, which in itself is a very worthwhile thing to do but easy to overlook. Some of the prescribed remedies were deep acting, some were lighter and more consistent, and Tracy explained her reasons for choosing them and why they were particularly good ones for me to try at that time. She also gave me valuable advice and recommendations about natural based skincare products. I went to see Tracy to improve my skin; I wasn’t expecting all the other benefits that came along with treating this main complaint. In addition to my skin clearing and being pretty much spot-free now, my periods have become much more regular, predictable and lighter; my bowel movements are more regular (this was actually the first thing I noticed, within days of starting homeopathy); my pet allergies have almost disappeared, as has my hayfever which I have suffered from all my life, and I am now much more resistant to coughs and colds which is a huge benefit as I used to catch them regularly. I strongly believe that homeopathy has many wide ranging health benefits and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Tracy. As well as being warm and friendly, she is an experienced and trustworthy practitioner and as a result of my treatment I feel much more balanced and settled into my regular cycles and rhythms, and overall as though my health and wellbeing has improved. I haven’t been to see a doctor for well over a year and now I can’t imagine going! Homeopathy will be my first port of call from now on.”

“After trying a series of antibiotics to clear my acne, I thankfully came to see you! You told me it would be a long-term process but now my skin is clear almost everyday and looks healthy as well. At one point I didn’t think I would ever have nice skin but with your treatment and advice I really, really do. Thank you so much!”


“Tracy cured my recurring cold-sores and my asthma is better too. I used to use an inhaler twice a day, but I haven’t touched one in four months. I enjoy going to see Tracy and she is a very good homeopath!”

“Last year I had bronchitis twice and coughed for England for almost 9 months continuously. Then along came a recommendation to see Tracy. Within a few weeks my cough had disappeared and I began to feel normal again. Amazing. I have also managed to get through this worse winter on record without so much as a cough or cold let alone ‘flu or bronchitis! I am eternally grateful to Tracy for her kindness and treatment. I can’t thank her enough, and look forward to my next consultation for whatever ailment I might have then, if any…”

“After over ten years of recurring bouts of tonsilitis and swollen glands (leading to vast consumption of depleting anti-biotics) I have now been symptom free for eight months thanks to Tracy’s insightful, warm and supportive diagnosis of the right homeopathic medicine for me. With Tracy’s guidance, homeopathy has become an invaluable support to my daily life, offering me a safe and holistic alternative to mainstream medicine.”

“Tracy was recommended to me by a friend and I have recommended her to pretty much anyone and everyone since. She managed to relieve symptoms and find solutions to a recurring illness I have had for years and for that I am truly thankful. Both Tracy and her practice environment are welcoming and friendly and I felt up-lifted and full of positive energy every time I left one of her sessions.”


“My pet allergies have almost disappeared, as has my hayfever which I have suffered from all my life.”

“I just wanted to tell you how amazing it’s been to see how you listen to the details about my body and my life, you ask me surprising questions and then turn to your magic books to find those essential substances that make my allergy fade away. My most sincere gratitude.”

“I got my summers back, thanks to Tracy, as before I was feeling ill and weighed down by my hay fever symptoms. The prescribed preventative remedies during the winter have built up my resistance to pollen and dust. I realised I could smell the flowers again and enjoy the summer time. I now come back each year, just to make sure this goodness keeps going.”

“Your hayfever programme has been amazingly effective! For the first time ever I can take the kids to the park in the evening during the hayfever season. I’m really pleased. It’s fantastic!”

“When a friend suggested to try homeopathy for my hayfever I was sceptical. I had tried various alternative therapies before with varying degrees of success. To my great surprise I was practically symptom free after one course of targeted treatment for my hayfever related asthma!”

“Thanks for your wonderful hayfever remedies. Thanks to them, I have not had ANY hayfever at all this year. It is as if there were no pollens in the air this summer!”


“My bowel movements are more regular.”

“I have been struggling with problems regarding my digestion and stomach as long as I can remember – as a child I would have stomach ache and cramps after every meal. I was told it could be IBS, some others thought it might be food intolerance, I even had a colon infection at some point……with Tracy’s help I was finally able to tackle the problem. After having seen her I finally have got rid of my stomach ache! It turned out it was a far more complex issue and the homeopathic and holistic approach of Tracy just made me understand so much more about myself – and only then I was able to change things. I’m ever so grateful to her, her humble, considerate, natural and gentle approach – it really has changed my life.”


“It was remarkable, I haven’t had any migraines. I really saw the effect. Also, I was still expecting the panic attacks, but they don’t come. A massive improvement.”

Blood Pressure

“I had a check up and my blood pressure and cholesterol have come down considerably – my blood pressure is normal now – amazing in such a short period of time. I’m convinced the remedies played a massive part in it – thank you so so much.”