Immunity and stress | is being busy making you sick?

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Low immunity is when you’re frequently ill and you don’t bounce back easily. If that sounds like you, and you’re really busy, that’s probably why.

You already knew that, right?

A certain amount of busyness is a good thing and brings happiness and fulfilment.  Doing work that makes a difference is good for everyone involved.

But, there’s a fine line between busy and stressed and our body knows the difference, even if we don’t.

WHat happens inside your body when you’re stressed

Every time you need to do something quickly or urgently your brain sends hormonal signals to your adrenal glands.

They immediately produce adrenalin and cortisol: ‘stress’ hormones that make you rush around and get things done.

Our bodies are designed to do this occasionally. Not all day every day.

Basically we’re still hunter-gatherers, just the same as we were hundreds of years ago. We would only need to act quickly or urgently if we were hunting an animal or perhaps defending ourselves against an attack from an invading tribe.

Nowadays it’s common to work long hours, with demanding targets and tight deadlines.

The impact on our health is:

  • insomnia
  • PMS
  • low immunity
  • anxiety
  • infertility

Why we get sick when we’re stressed

It takes a lot of energy to be constantly on the go.

‘Tired all the time’ is the new normal, but it’s not normal. It’s a sign that something’s wrong.

Tiredness makes us reach for caffeine, sugar and chocolate. Anything to give us a boost.

When we ‘run on empty’ our body has to use all available resources to simply keep going. This means it can’t carry out essential ‘repairs’.

That’s when we start getting sick.

Colds are normal and not fun but most of the time we can cope. Infections are more serious and can need antibiotics.

One infection can follow another and that’s when we’re on a slippery slope. Antibiotics wipe out natural immunity and lead to a cycle of fatigue, digestive issues and maybe even thrush.

Modern day life is here to stay but there are ways to cope with everyday stress and strengthen immunity naturally.

3 ways to help break the cycle of low immunity

Here are 3 simple steps to make a difference quickly:

  1. Pay attention to your sleep routine.
  2. Simplify your life. What can you say no to?
  3. Reduce sugar, and eat more fresh food to boost your nutrition.

Effective Treatment, Naturally

I came to homeopathy when I was a young teacher in a permanent cycle of infections and thrush. My skin was awful and I felt tired all the time.

My first prescription gave me relief from my immediate symptoms, which was incredible.

Over time not only did my immunity and periods transform but my skin cleared too.

My structured approach to low immunity includes homeopathy, nutrition and herbal remedies.

Targeted treatment restores sleep, immunity, improves periods and clears the skin.

Renewed energy means that you wake feeling ready for your day. and leads to greater resilience and stronger immunity.

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