Work/life balance

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I’ve been thinking a lot about work/life balance lately and also wondering what it actually means and whether it even exists.

Today I went out to the Southbank with Jonathan and Wilf. We visited the Hayward Gallery to see an exhibition and to take a walk by the river.

Travelling into the Southbank on the tube, I realised it was the first time we had gone out together as a family in more than a year, and probably more like two. It was a small thing, to go out for the afternoon, but felt very special.

I feel like my life is divided into pre-PhD and post-PhD, and I didn’t even do the Ph.D.!

Something else I’ve been thinking about lately is workaholism and technology addiction. Completing a Ph.D. involved a lot of focus and long hours of work for Jonathan. It shaped our family routine and was part of our lives for so long that it became normal.

Work/life boundaries can become blurred when you really enjoy your work.

Ingrained habits are hard to shift.

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The joy of decluttering

space-clearing, decluttering, homeopathy, london, de-stress, living with lessThe days are longer and I’m inspired to start spring-cleaning and de-cluttering!

Tomorrow is the first day of my April Space-Clearing e-Course. I’m taking the course too, so I’m already looking forward to the energy and motivation of the Facebook group!

Decluttering can feel like a chore at times. I try to embrace the process and also to clean as I go along. That way I can see and feel the difference quite quickly, and that inspires me to do more.

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Forever words

I grew up listening to Johnny Cash, and I’ve never tired of his music. A couple of years ago I gained insight into his life through reading his biography and I love the film ‘Walk The Line’.

This week I met his son John Carter Cash, as he was interviewed by my friend Colleen Murphy, world-renowned DJ and founder of, an album-listening club.

Colleen holds events where the audience has the luxury of listening to an entire album, on vinyl, from beginning to end. She also interviews someone connected with the album, either as a musician or a producer, or someone else with a valuable insight to share.

I’ve been to a few Classic Album Sunday events before and loved them all. I rushed to get my ticket for this one as I knew it would be something special, and it was.

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