How to be more productive

Homeopathy, East London, productivity, stress, work-life balance, immunity, hormones, skinAt the end of every day, we want to feel a sense of accomplishment. How we achieve that will vary, depending on our focus for the day, and also how productive we’ve been.

I’ve read many books on productivity and time-management and learned different things from each of them.

If you’re busy, you might not have time to read the whole post (even though it’s quite short) so I’ll quickly tell you my two best productivity hacks:

  1. Get more sleep. At least 7.5 hours, get up at the same time every day and have naps.
  2. Get off social media. Delete your account completely if you can, and use an app to block it if you can’t.

These last six months I’ve massively prioritised sleep and early nights as a way to get more out of my day. It took about six weeks for me to feel the difference, but then I did. I noticed my concentration improve, which meant that my overall efficiency improved hugely.

Almost a month ago, I left Facebook completely. That has created a feeling of ‘white space’ that I haven’t known in quite some time.

I’m often asked how I manage to juggle many things and yet remain calm. I don’t always feel calm if I’m honest, but anyway, here are my favourite four ways to make the most of every day.

I can’t say they’re rocket-science, but I hope there is something here to inspire you.

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Four ways to feel less tired

Homeopathy, London, stress, tiredness, fatigue, nutrition, sleep, immunity,

This week I’ve been doing extra reading and research on stress, tiredness, and fatigue.

Stress is a topic I can’t ever learn too much about,  as it affects pretty much everyone these days.It’s practically normal to be ‘busy’, ‘stressed’, ‘overwhelmed’ or simply plain exhausted.

There is a lot to understand from a biological perspective, but in my view, it’s what you do every day that adds up over time.

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