A Snow Day

Snow, Bethnal Green, London, HomeopathyThe snow was the reason I woke up late today. When I opened my eyes I saw that it was almost 9am.

Wilf opened the door,

“Mum, it’s snowing!”

I looked out of the window to see, but I’d already guessed. It was so quiet. It’s always quiet where we are, but it was even quieter today. That’s how I knew there was snow.

There are just two weeks left until it’s Christmas. My aim is always to keep Sundays simple, but it’s always easier said than done. I had a long list of things to do today, but everything was pushed back while we came up with a plan.

You can’t ignore snow!

You can’t ignore snow, not with a 9-year-old!

I had to go out for a dog-walk anyhow.

Now it was going to be a snow-walk!

I sat drinking my tea, wondering how many things I would be able to fit into my day. I knew I needed to drop some of them, but everything seemed important.

Meanwhile, Wilf was calling his friends to see who wanted to come out to play!

Out to play

It took us a while to get dressed warmly enough, but eventually we managed it. I was so glad of my walking boots. Bought in Yorkshire years ago, they serve me well in cold, wet or muddy weather conditions.

It was fun for Wilf to meet his friends in the park and play snowballs. Ferris loved it too. He especially seemed to like eating it. I have no idea why!

It wasn’t cold when we first went out, but after a while we started to feel the chill.

Snowy memories

Back home, we put our wet clothes on the radiator and had a cup of tea.

Snow always makes me feel nostalgia.

I was reminded of my earliest memory of snow. I must have been about 4 years old and the snow was quite deep.

I had red wellies.

My mum tied plastic bags over them to keep my feet dry but it didn’t work. We were going to the shops.

She was pushing the pram with my brother inside. I was too big to be sitting on top. My mum used to do all of our food shopping with the pram and both of us.

It can’t have been easy in the snow.

When I lived in Hampstead one winter it snowed really hard. I remember walking up to the top of Parliament Hill to watch people sledging. I felt like I was in a film.

I was teaching at a local school, just 30 minutes walk away. It took more like an hour in the snow.

Hardly any children came in, so lessons were super relaxed. It was lovely.

Both of those times were pre-internet and pre-social media. I’m glad I lived in those times.

Feeling thankful

So today, I cleaned out my fridge and food cupboards. I wrote a shopping list based on what I found. I turned on my heating and felt thankful that I could be warm.

Snow makes me realise how lucky I am for so many things.

Shelter and warmth.

Special memories.

Peace and quiet.

I hope  you enjoyed your snow day too.


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