Simple things | Fresh flowers

Homeopathy, simple thingsHere’s one of the simple things that makes me happy. Fresh flowers in a vase.

We always had fresh flowers at home when I was growing up. It’s one of the memories I associate with my mum. Sometimes she bought them, but often they were from our own or someone else’s garden.

She had a whole shelf with vases and jugs that she’d collected especially for that purpose.

To me, buying a bunch of flowers is a small treat that brings me a lot of pleasure. I feel that it makes our home more welcoming.

Tulips are one of my all time favourite flowers. They come in so many beautiful colours, from pastels to jewel tones. Something simple like this helps to bring nature into my everyday life.

No matter how busy I am during my week I always find time to pop out and buy a bunch of flowers. I’m lucky to have a friendly florist local to me, but I might also pick them up while I’m in the supermarket. I usually just buy whatever is in season.

I like to keep my Sundays simple. Something I enjoy is Columbia Flower Market as there are so many lovely stalls with cut flowers there. It is really hard to choose what to bring home with me!

Flowers are also one of the ways I acknowledge myself. I don’t have to wait for someone else to feel I ‘deserve’ them. For me they are an everyday pleasure and not just for special occasions.

I like to buy flowers for other people too. I even buy flowers for my husband sometimes. He was kind of surprised the first time I did that. He’s got used it it now.

I like to grow flowers on my allotment. This year I’ve set aside one bed especially to grow flowers and I’m already quite excited about it.

I honestly believe that small things make a big difference and for me, flowers are definitely one of those things.

If you haven’t bought yourself some flowers lately, why not treat yourself?


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