Sleep well | 3 simple tips so you wake up ready for your day

3 natural ways to deeper sleepDo you sleep well? You’ll know if you do, because you’ll wake up feeling ready for your day.

If you wake up feeling tired there are two possible reasons why.

  • You are not getting enough sleep.
  • You are not getting enough quality sleep.

Whatever people come to see me for, they often want to sort out their sleep as well. It is always one of the first things to improve: a sign the body is healing itself.

Feeling tired affects everything

When you don’t sleep well it has a negative affect on everything. Work, relationships and health are the top three.

It’s impossible to concentrate when you’re tired.  It’s hard to do even small things and bigger tasks seem impossible.

You’re irritable or snappy with your loved ones when you’re tired. Sex just seems like one more thing you have to do before you finally go to sleep.

My top tips for deeper sleep

  1. Only drink coffee in the morning and don’t have any caffeine after 2pm.
    Recent studies show that caffeine interferes with quality of sleep in most people. Remember, chocolate and green tea also contain caffeine.
  2. Keep your bedroom environment calm, uncluttered and free of any electronic gadgets.
    Charge your phone overnight outside of the bedroom, and use an old-fashioned alarm clock. All gadgets give out blue light that stops your body producing melatonin and affects your circadian rhythm. Blue light keeps your brain alert when it’s time for you to relax and wind down.
  3. Create a relaxing bedtime routine and stick to it.
    Have a shower and using products with relaxing fragrances such as lavender. Drink a herbal bedtime tea last thing before going to sleep.

Simple changes make a Big difference over time

You probably have a busy life and a long to-do list.

When you look after your sleep you’ll get more out of your day.

It takes time to create new habits so start by changing one thing and focus on that.