How to stop feeling tired

Homeopathy, London, cortisol, stress, hormone, imbalance, tiredIf you’re busy a lot of the time, but you can’t relax, you could be ‘tired but wired’. If you’re always tired and you get sick a lot, you probably think it’s just because you’re working too hard and not getting enough sleep.

You’re partly right.

It’s also because of your hormones.

We tend to think hormones are mostly in charge of our periods and fertility, which they are.

But they’re responsible for a few other things too.

Take cortisol for example. It’s your number 1 stress hormone and essential to your survival. It’s produced by your adrenal glands which are like little caps sitting on top of your kidneys.

When your cortisol is working well you wake up feeling ready for your day.

You feel calm and have all the focus and energy you need to get things done.

You sail through the month and you’re rarely ill.

If you can’t tick all those boxes right now, read on to find out why not and what you can start to do about it.

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Breaking news! Woman feels normal!

Homeopathy, east London, stress, illness

These days, stress has become the new normal.

We all know what that feels like.

When was the last time you felt normal?

What is normal, anyway?

I feel normal when I am relaxed, calm, and I can go with the flow.

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Small things make a big difference | Paper remedy packets


Homeopathy, London, zero waste

This month I switched to using paper packets to dispense my prescriptions and I’m happy about it. Here’s why.

Zero-Waste Home caught my eye in my favourite book-shop and I wanted to read it straight away.

A book about a family of four who reduced their annual waste to around 1 litre was pretty impressive!

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