The gift of circadian rhythms

Homeopathy, London, summer, circadian rhythms, sleep, pineal glandOne thing I love about June is roses in bloom. I have been in Malmö, Sweden this week, and I saw these beautiful yellow roses outside this apartment building. So beautiful.

Malmö is quite a bit further north than London so the days are much longer. The last few evenings I sat with my friend on her balcony, enjoying wine and good food as the sun went down.

Once it was dark, we both found we naturally wanted to turn in for sleep.

Instead of pushing ourselves to stay up later, we just caved in!

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Work-life balance

work/life, balance, stress, downtime, sleep, homeopathy

I’ve been thinking a lot about work/life balance lately and also wondering what it actually means and whether it even exists.

Work-life boundaries can become blurred when you really enjoy your work.

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On Reading

Yesterday evening at 8pm, I plugged my phone in to charge in the kitchen. Nothing different about that, except that before I plugged it in, I switched it off.

Then I made myself a tea, lit some tea lights, sat on the sofa with a quilt wrapped around me, and read a book.

For 3 hours.

After a few minutes, I got up and found some paper and a pen. I wanted to read, but I kept thinking of things I needed to remember. Normally I would have actioned them, usually via my phone or maybe my laptop.

Instead, I wrote them down.

Once I wrote them down I could settle back into my book and enjoy the process of reading. I love reading. I always have. And I love books.

Nowadays I read so much online that I don’t get to properly read books in the way that I used to. I’ve decided I need to change that. Here’s why.

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