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I was 7 years old when my hay fever started. I suffered every spring and summer until I started seeing a homeopath in my early twenties. That was the first year I managed without anti-histamines. 

When I started my training as a homeopath, I knew I wanted to be able to treat hay fever successfully in my practice, so I asked all my lecturers to tell me about their most successful strategies and tips.

Hayfever Study – Phase 1

Once I had gathered enough information about how to approach preventative treatment, I decided to conduct my own ‘random controlled trial’. My husband suffered from hay fever in a similar way to me, so as a test, I prepared a sequence of preventative remedies for him, but didn’t prescribe them for myself.

That season, he sailed through virtually symptom free. I had my usual symptoms; sneezing, runny nose, itching. I found relief from homeopathic remedies, but really wished I’d selected myself to try the preventative ones!

hayfever study – Phase 2

The following year, I invited every hay fever sufferer I knew to try preventative treatment. Six or seven friends and work colleagues took part. I was very happy when they found their symptoms were minimal, compared to previous years. The trial was definitely a success.

hayfever study – Phase 3

The year after that (my final year at homeopathy college) I didn’t have to seek out any ‘guinea pigs’ – they came looking for me. Everyone who’d had preventative treatment previously, wanted it again. Result!

Since that time, I have worked with many clients on preventative treatment for hayfever using homeopathic remedies. One of my strategies is to use remedies made from pollen and grass to build up resistance, along with individualised constitutional remedies, plus further remedies to address the allergic disposition.

I have found that my treatment is effective even when ‘anti-histamine’ resistance has built up.

Preventative homeopathic treatment is definitely my preferred approach, but it’s never too late and homeopathy during the season is still amazingly effective.

Homeopathy for the individual

  • If your hay fever is predominantly itchy and your eyes get really sore – there’s a remedy for you.
  • If you have a really stuffy nose and your throat and ears itch – there’s a remedy for you.
  • If you sneeze and sneeze and sneeze so much that it’s really embarrassing – there’s a remedy for you.

I’m always happy when my clients tell me how quickly their hay fever symptoms improve on after they start homeopathy treatment.


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