Warts and All

Homeopathy WartsIf you’ve ever had a wart or a verruca you’ll know they can be surprisingly stubborn to shift.

Whether they’re on your hands, feet (or perhaps somewhere else) they might go away with just a short course of  chemical treatment if you’re lucky. If not, they might need to be frozen, excised or even lasered. 

I’m often asked to ‘recommend’ a treatment for verrucas or warts and my answer is always the same: a course of homeopathy.

Effective treatment for warts and verrucas

I’ve known many clients whose verrucas and warts disappear during their homeopathy treatment. Sometimes that was the main reason for seeking treatment. Sometimes it was one thing on the list of things they wanted sorting out. Other times I hadn’t even known they had a wart until they told me it had gone.

Yesterday I received an email from a recent client saying simply.

“My wart is gone.”

I’d seen her a couple of months ago. At that time, her wart had grown larger and harder since the previous session. I had explained that sometimes a wart needs to do that in order to fully expel itself.

A couple of months ago, my son’s verruca disappeared within a week of his trip to our family homeopath and taking his prescribed ‘constitutional remedy’.

Another client I am seeing at the moment has come specifically for her verrucas. She started with 4, plus one wart. Two verrucas have already vanished and I’m confident the others will follow suit.

Possibly my favourite case is one I remember from when I was a newly qualified homeopath. I was treating a teenage girl who was brought to see me for something else entirely, and who happened to have a large cauliflower shaped wart on her arm. As her overall health improved the wart gradually loosened until it was barely attached. I am sure it would have simply fallen away by itself, although her mother made the decision to take her to a doctor who removed it.

What is a wart, anyway?

Warts are caused by a virus that causes an excess of keratin to be produced in the epidermis. A weakened immune system can be an underlying cause as can cuts or damage to the skin.

If I have homeopathy for my wart, how soon will it go?

I’m often asked how long a wart will take to disappear. I wish there was a quantifiable answer to this question. It can happen after one treatment. It might take a dozen. What I do find though, is that when warts are treated with homeopathy, they are less likely to recur.

If you’re struggling with recurring verrucas or warts, or maybe you just have one that simply won’t shift, homeopathy could be something you’d like to try.

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