Small things make a big difference | Paper remedy packets


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This month I switched to using paper packets to dispense my prescriptions and I’m happy about it. Here’s why.

Zero-Waste Home caught my eye in my favourite book-shop and I wanted to read it straight away.

A book about a family of four who reduced their annual waste to around 1 litre was pretty impressive!

Zero Waste

I am in awe that Bea Johnson was able to imagine a ‘Zero Waste’ lifestyle and make it happen for herself and her family. If you want to know more, I’d recommend you read the book!

In a nutshell, Bea decided that she was no longer going to accept packaging and waste as part of her life so she invented some pretty radical ways to avoid it.

Minimal lifestyle

I already have a fairly minimal lifestyle. I own fewer clothes and shoes than anyone else I know. I’ve been a huge fan of decluttering for almost 20 years and am often called in to help friends when they need to have a clear out. Sometimes I am teased about it but I don’t mind. I find that I can think more clearly and be more productive when I am not surrounded by piles of stuff.

As I read the book I was inspired but also slightly depressed. Being minimal is one thing and zero waste is something else altogether. I was full of admiration for this woman who was determined to change her own footprint in the world but I knew that I couldn’t do that.

The main principle of Zero Waste is to reduce and eliminate waste altogether. I love that idea, but I’m not sure I can get to the point where I shop with jars and compost everything anytime soon!

Inspired to reduce

I try to take something away from anything that inspires me, even if I can’t take on board the whole thing. The thing I took away from the Zero Waste book was the decision to reduce my waste both at home and at work.

One small change I have made at home these last few months is to use fewer plastic bags. I have a whole selection of cloth bags that I like using instead. Occasionally I forget to take one with me, but I’m much more consistent about it these days.

Switching from plastic to paper

Something else I’ve done is to stop using plastic packets to dispense my remedies. I now use small paper envelopes instead.

This is such a small thing, but it makes me feel happy and I’ve had good feedback from clients too.

My envelopes are from The Homeopathic Supply Company in Norfolk. I buy my pills, bottles and labels from them too. (I don’t know how I would manage my practice without their quality dispensing aids and no-fuss efficiency.)

Small things make a big difference, and I feel good about my decision to switch from plastic to paper.